On February 4, the CHVN crew dropped off the last Brewed with Gratitude coffee break to a deserving bunch. 

Cst. Scott Morier was nominated, along with the rest of the Winnipeg Police Service K-9 Unit for Brewed with Gratitude for their incredible service to the city. 

An officer let one of their newest recruit puppies out of its kennel so it could welcome the ladies. The female pup is not yet trained but she is in the process.

The breeding of police dogs is done in house so that they know where the puppies come from. Right now they have over five four-month-old puppies from the same litter. 

The training of each dog takes four months, with a special eight-week additional course for the dogs that will be trained to sniff out drugs.  

Each dog has only one officer it's assigned to and then the pair stay together for the duration of the dog's time in the force. 

The time and effort to not only train the K-9's but also care for them is tremendous. The coffee and muffins brought was simply a small way to say thank you for their service. 

Cst. Scott Morier with a new 4 month old police dog. Cst. Scott Morier with one of the new recruits, a 4-month-old police puppy that will one day work for the force.