For anyone looking for a laugh and a show, Providence University College and Theological Seminary is putting on a new comedy musical called When You're a Star.

Marc A. Moir and Laura Kathleen Turner not only wrote the new musical comedy being performed at Prov, but they also star in it. 

"It all started about 13 years ago," says Turner. "Marc had written a 40-minute version of this story that we put on as our church Christmas play. We didn't think about it much for 10 years. Marc watched the DVD and said,' I had the idea to turn it into a musical, what do you think?' I said yes faster than he finished the question."

Three years later the comedy musical will be performed at Providence College chapel from March 15-18. 

"When You're a Star is about a church putting on a Christmas pageant," says Moir. "People make all these jokes about broadway or Hollywood, but the real drama comes from church Christmas pageants."

What is supposed to be a calm, tasteful Christmas play for a congregation gets turned upside down into an extravagant escapade. 

"There's humour for every kind of humour palette as there's slapstick, there's some dry humour and a little bit of naughty humour. Coming out of COVID we knew people would need to laugh. This will give people the opportunity to laugh to the extreme."

People interested in watching the play can purchase tickets here