Lauren Daigle says she's putting into practice an ancient spiritual practice with a modern twist, saying she's expecting God to move in the midst.

Daigle is taking a 21-day break from Facebook and Instagram.

"I would dare to say that my career all began due to the vehicle of fasting," says Daigle on her social media accounts on Sunday. "I await with excitement what will come next."

Typically, 'fasting' means a break from solid foods. However, people have been using the term fasting to also mean taking a break from something, such as social media.

Daigle didn't make clear as to what this fast meant for her, whether it was from food, social media, or both. 

"If you would like to join me, feel free. In the meantime, I am deleting my IG," she says, abbreviating Instagram. Her account is still up for people to see, but she will not be posting for three weeks.

The Christian artist says that much clarity in life can also come from a time of fasting. 


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"I always gain direction for my life and immanent clarity when fasting. The stillness of action and the intentionality of faith are like lightning bolts in the spirit setting ablaze a course of deeper purpose built with greater fortitude through clearance of the mind. God will not disappoint."