One of Christian music's biggest names is using her newest music video to raise money for a long list of charities.

Lauren Daigle's Hold On To Me will be raising funds with her charity, The Price Fund, for several causes. Her 60s-inspired video uses rooms to highlight different causes.

"It doesn't just stop at being a visually stunning piece, it goes beyond that," Daigle says in a video. "We are setting up something really interesting how to tell each one of these room's stories."

Her three scenes, a man in prison, a young couple, parents fighting, and a child in a hospital bed all connect to their own causes.

"I am super super excited. I cannot wait for you to learn all about these charities."

The prison scene is reminiscent of her prison reform work. She has previously visited several prisons, Folsom Women's Facility in California, The Ohio Reformatory for Women, and Angola State Prison in her home state of Lousiana. 

Daigle says the young couple is symbolic of family dynamics, focussing on family-support.

The scene of fighting parents in front of the child who's holding onto her trumpet is for music education and ending domestic violence.

She says the hospital room represents their work helping to end human trafficking.

"Each room is connected to a different charity that I’m so excited to be raising funds with over the next several months. All proceeds from this ongoing fundraiser will be divided evenly among the organizations to aid in their incredible work," daigle says in the comments of her YouTube video.

Released on Thursday, the video has over 654,000 views.