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Thank you so much to the CHVN community that listened, prayed, and donated to our Legacy of Hope radiothon in support of YFC Winnipeg!

Youth For Christ Winnipeg is celebrating 65 years of ministry in Winnipeg. Over those six and a half decades young people have been shown love, found lasting friendships, and have chosen to follow Jesus. It's a legacy of hope that lasts not just for a lifetime, but for eternity.

Day 3

We began the final day of the Legacy of Hope radiothon at $30,400 after another overnight donation came in. That $100 became $200 because of the match available to any gift of $65 or above.

We were over $40,000 away from our goal, and from using up all of the available match. At the start of the day, we prayed yet again and committed the day, the stories, and the work of YFC to God. Then we sat back and listened as God and our CHVN community stepped up in big and amazing ways.

As we approached the final hour we had just under $10,000 left in the match, and while we were trusting God you wouldn't blame anyone for thinking it was simply too much to reach.

But as YFC Winnipeg's Executive Director John Courtney came in to co-host the final hour, and the stories of God's faithfulness the past 65 years of ministry continued to play on CHVN 95.1 FM the phones kept ringing . . . and ringing . . . and ringing.

And at the very last possible moment, another phone call came in giving the final amount needed to meet our goal.

Day 2

We are starting Day 2 at $7,900 after some overnight donations!

A total of 67 partners have given gifts to date! Every donation means that a young person is going to find a safe space.

Andy the Candy Man stopped by with a sweet surprise and took the opportunity to also partner with YFC through a generous in-person gift.

Just before 1:00 p.m., we celebrated reaching $20,000 in donations from 57 total partners!

Day 1

The day began full of hope at YFC as those taking part in the radiothon anticipated how God would move over the coming days.

Senior Director of Community & Partner Relations Amber Skrabek and Senior Ministry Director Cliff Heide gave listeners an inside look at YFC and the vast impact that the organization has had on Winnipeg over the past 65 years. Stories of hope shared throughout the day gave testimony to the legacy being left by YFC in the lives of those they come into contact with.

A visit from some young Masterworks dancers added cuteness to the first day of the radiothon.

Numerous stories of YFC youth, alumni, volunteers, and staff resonated with those listening, as the legacy of God's work through YFC was shown.

Shauna Goode, the Work Force program coordinator with YFC, shared the impact Gertie and her mother, Amanda, have had on her in response to their stories of hope. Through difficult times, including Gertie's contemplation of suicide, YFC has played a crucial role in walking alongside Amanda and her family in offering faith-based support and prayer.