Two local friends, previously youth pastors together, are offering courses and events for women to "kick fear in the face". 

Wendy Yates is the co-founder of Emerge Coaching and a life coach. Erin Mohr is the other co-founder. She is a certified life coach on top of an ordained licenced minister. 

"Emerge Coaching was started in 2020 with the intention to help women overcome their struggles with fear. Providing a creative, innovative way that we could reach out to women, not only in a time of pandemic but in general because we know people are struggling with fear in ways that we don't see, beneath the surface," says Mohr.

The women use their life stories and experiences to coach women and help them overcome fear.

"We train women to use their fear to serve their life purposes and empower them to become the master over fear," says Mohr. 

The two women have been friends for roughly 20 years and were youth pastors together at one point.

"The coaching was really an idea that God gave both Wendy and me. If there was anyone I ever wanted to go into business with, it was her. Out of that came this whole download, a blueprint, even prophetic peace to what Emerge Coaching would be."

Mohr says that even though they started in the midst of the pandemic, it's the most successful she's been in business before. 

"When God gave the idea and breathed His breathe into it, I knew it was going to be different this time. I am no longer pastoring, so this is what I'm really feeling called to do. It's like I took pastoring skills out of the local church and put them into our coaching business," Mohr says. 

Women who attend some of Emerge Coaching courses talk about the transformation they've seen from it, according to the coaches. 

"That's God. We're not taking any of that credit, we're just the vessels and we just want to be used by Him."

They offer different types of coaching and events for women, from a one-day or evening event to 4 and 12-week courses to monthly memberships. 

"We really want to draw in women of all ages and walks of life. We want to bring everyone together into a tribe. The Lord said to us, 'Go and gather the warriors. Some of them are standing battle-ready and some are wounded on the battlefield,'" says Yates.

The next event for Emerge Coaching is March 18 - 21, 2021 called Hero Challenge. 

"This is something women can attend online, a four-night event, about an hour each night. The Emerge Hero Challenge is all about bringing out the 'her' in 'hero'. We have a previous Mrs. Alaska who will be in a line-up of speakers and another woman from the UK who works with CEOs," says Mohr.