Annie Dixon, the wife to popular Christian artist Colton Dixon, has begun her solo music career by releasing her first single which encourages listeners to love who they are.

Going by the name of Annie Claire, she first announced the launch of her music career on October 15 on Instagram.

"SURPRISE!!! I grew up singing and playing piano in the church. I love music and the way it moves people and I believe God works in big ways through sound. I’ve had it on my heart to release music for some time. Long story short, this year is the year and my first single is coming very very soon!!!"

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Her husband also took to Instagram, not just to promote her new pop single titled "Bold" but to also express how proud he was of her.

"Annie, I’m so proud of you. The night we met, music was on your heart. That was about 10 years ago. You’ve supported me and my career ever since and I am THRILLED to finally get to cheer you on as you release your first single," says the caption. "This song is a BOP and its message is critical for all of us who have ever been afraid to step outside of our bubble to fulfill what God has in store for us. Love you babe. Signed your #1 fan."

The lyrics to the song revolve around listening to God and knowing that we are perfect the way we are, that we should put his word above our own and be bold in who we are.

The song was released on October 31 and is available on all digital music platforms now.