A former contestant of Season 22 of 'The Voice,' has released his first original single. 

bodie, who recently signed with Provident Entertainment, released 'RIP' on Friday. It is the first single from his EP slated to be released later this year. 

"I wanted to write a song that celebrated the decision and miracle of dying to one’s fleshly nature and living as a new creation in Christ," bodie explained. "The lyrics are pretty straightforward and aggressive to really drive home the message, that experiencing a deep relationship with Christ comes at the cost of consistently leaving your old life behind and denying your flesh daily. I’m so excited for you to hear my new song 'RIP,' and I also hope it inspires you and makes you headbang in your Prius."

'RIP" follows his rendition of Brandon Lake's hit 'Gratitude' which dropped last month.