When all that Jeremy Camp knew suddenly stopped due to COVID, a beautiful worship album was birthed,  in collaboration with his wife Adrienne.

"This year for everybody has been crazy. March 13, I remember I woke up and they had declared a global pandemic, and we were on tour and my movie had just come out. All of a sudden everything just got shut down," says Jeremy.

This much slower pace was initially unwelcome for the well-known Christian singer.

"To be honest, I was really struggling. For the whole weekend, I couldn't really get out of bed and I was just down. God spoke to my heart and just said 'Pick up your guitar'. I've heard it before so I try to obey when that happens."

After writing a song, Jeremy asked his wife Adrienne if she wanted to sing along with him. Without really thinking about it, the couple took a quick video and posted it on their social media. 

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"A week later we had over 7 million people watched the video. We thought, wait a second, what's happening here? I sang and wrote the song because I needed it for myself, to heal the disappointment," says Jeremy.

The song he wrote, "Whatever May Come", is one of seven songs on the couple's new EP, The Worship Project

"We sat down together, wrote some songs together and felt very inspired just to write our hearts. Through music, we're able to articulate some of the things that God is teaching us," Jeremy says.

While Adrienne is a singer/songwriter herself, this type of project was a new collaboration for them both.

"To work with my wife on this collaboration was so special because we've never really done something like this before. It was something we felt God was leading us to do rather than, 'hey this would be a great idea'."

Adrienne says that her favourite song on the new EP is called "Your Way Yahweh".

"The message is just to purify our hearts and teach us to walk in Your way. I feel like as Christians we need to accurately show who Jesus is more than ever before," says Adrienne.

What made this project so special was that the couple didn't overthink the process, according to Jeremy. 

"This really birthed out of our own worship times at home. We weren't trying to complicate it. It was really out hearts crying out saying 'God we need you'."

Jeremy and Adrienne are parents to three children. During the pandemic, the whole family would gather for worship times and Bible studies.

The Worship Project by Jeremy and Adrienne Camp

"I feel like as a family we've drawn closer and have some of the sweetest times of conversations that we've ever had," says Jeremy. 

This isn't the first time the couple worked together on a musical project. Adrienne was the lead singer in a Christian pop/rock band called The Benjamin Gate from 1998-2003. She also completed a solo project under the name Adie roughly 15 years ago after the group disbanded. 

"Back then we butted heads a little bit creatively," says Adrienne. "For this project we had a unified goal and vision for it. It was really sweet and we had a blast together."

Music isn't the only thing the couple has been working on in 2020. In April they published a marriage book called In Unison.

"This book is sharing our story, life lessons, our arguments and how we work through them. Plus Scriptures that God laid on our hearts to walk through these different things together," says Jeremy.

This is Jeremy's second time being married. The first time he was only married for four months before losing his wife, Melissa, to ovarian cancer. That is what Jeremy's movie, I Still Believe, is all about. It was also released this year.

Depending on what the future brings, Jeremy hopes to go on tour in the new year.

As each person continues to journey their way through COVID-19, Jeremy says, "The only thing that's going to get us through this to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus."