Christian artist Jeremy Camp is surprising his fans with a brand new single called 'When You Speak', which is the first single off his upcoming album.

"There is so much to say about this past year. I wrote this song in the middle of all the uncertainty happening. I was feeling overwhelmed, confused and not at peace," says Camp on his Facebook page, the day of the release. 

The father of three released a book about marriage with his wife and former Christian artist Adie Camp during the pandemic. The book is called In Unison

"I felt the battle in my mind constantly. I kept saying to myself, I can’t wait to get through this and God spoke to my heart and said Jeremy, I want this to get through to you."

After a year of spending time mostly at home, the singer went back on tour recently, accompanied by Jordan St.Cyr of Manitoba. 

"It made me stop and really want to learn what He was teaching me and to be still before my God. I realized that all those lies from the enemy seemed to be the loudest in my mind, but then realized that they had no real power when I lay them at the feet of Jesus."

Camp is hoping his song will encourage people who are weary from the pandemic.

"My savior breaks through the noise with His peace and hope that we so desperately need. When He speaks mountains can move, fear is traded for peace, chains can be broken, and lies are drowned out."

His new album is set to be released in mid-September.