Real Christmas trees are in higher demand this year, being offered to families at curbside pickup.

"Since lockdown, we've had to adjust and adapt to a lot of different measures. We've really focused a lot of people on social media to let them know Christmas is still here," says Carla Hrycyna, the President and co-owner of St. Mary's Nursery.

St. Mary's Nursery and Garden Centre on 2901 St Mary's Rd is offering customers curbside pick-up for real Christmas trees. They have set up a few trees for people to see the different types and sizes when they pull up.

"It's our 'point, pick, and pack' aspect that we're doing to help people get their Christmas trees," she says.

She notes that this year in particular is an important time to celebrate the holidays, even if we may not be together. 

"People are going to be home-based so why not focus on it. I think Christmas is important to celebrate as it gives a continuance. It's going to help support people mentally, it's a connection to a reality that things can be positive and uplifting," she says.

Pete's Christmas Trees on 775 Westminster Ave. in Winnipeg will not be open this year due to the restrictions but are hopeful to be back in business in 2021.

Timber Trails Tree Farm just outside of Steinbach normally offers more than just picking out a Christmas tree. They also have a whole Christmas experience, including a fire, sleigh rides, the option to cut down your own tree, alongside warm treats. 

"We're working on adapting at this point. We open up on Saturday. Due to the last round of regulations, the only way to sell our trees is curbside. We can have a person pull through but I have to pick the tree for them," says Dan Friesen, who owns Timber Trails with his wife Trish.

He says that while they cannot offer the full family experience, customers inquiring about trees recently has given him hope. 

"Our phone has been extremely busy. The last week and a half it's been ringing and ringing. Thankfully we've been really encouraged with a lot of responses from our repeat customers."

Friesen has been hearing from many people that they are looking to make this Christmas an extra special one, celebrating in the best way that they can. 

Jensen Nursery and Garden Centre, located on 2550 McGillivray Blvd. is busy already with calls and orders. 

Tammy Jensen at the Nursery didn't have time for an interview as they are busy with all the Christmas tree orders. 

"There is an extremely high demand for trees. We are already selling out of some sizes. There may also be a bit of a tree shortage this year. We are trying to get more of some of the sizes we are sold out of," she says in an email. 

Jensen's is offering curbside pickup of Christmas trees as well as delivery inside of Winnipeg.