Cameron Gray was surprised and excited he realized his men's Bible study had some new faces.

Gray, the founder and leader of the group, says four newcomers - one from Toronto, Ontario; one from Trinidad and Tobago; and two from London, England - joined Ignite Men's Ministry last week during their virtual Bible study.

It was an experience Gray had been praying for.

"It was awesome, I was gushing the whole night about how great this was and about how this is exactly how I want it to be," Gray says. "I want brothers in Christ from anywhere and everywhere to come together.

"After the meeting was over, I think I gushed about it all to my wife for probably half an hour," he said with a smile.

Ironically, these new faces from around the world were able to gather with the Winnipeg men's Bible study because of COVID-19.

ray says he has been saddened to see a lack of desire by men of faith to use their time recently to dig into God's word.

"Locally I'm seeing people try to distract and amuse themselves," Gray says. "Binge-watching Netflix is not important."

Even with many regular distractions removed from daily life due to COVID-19 restrictions, Gray is disappointed in the apathy he has seen around him.

"It's not a lack of desire, it's just a general apathy when it comes to our faith," he says.

But Gray has been encouraged by the men who have joined their Bible study from beyond Winnipeg, even accommodating different time zones in order to take part virtually.