A local ministry is offering its services to help churches around Manitoba with difficult scenarios and difficult witnessing tactics.

Margriet Stoffman has been devoted to empowering and equipping fellow Christians through discipleship, mentoring and counselling through her organization, I Am Ministry. Since starting the ministry six years ago with her husband Jayson they have served communities around Manitoba and the world. They're looking for more churches to equip with ministries that assist people who are dealing with unwanted pregnancies, addictions, and mental health issues. 

Stoffman says,"God is leading I Am Ministry to equip the churches, assist the churches, and to build a directory; something people can go to in order to find the help they need. There are amazing resources in this city and often people don't know where to find them. It's our new direction. We don't want to reinvent the wheel, we just want to show someone where to go."

She says, "when people are in distress, they think of [going to] church. But when they go, they don't usually feel the love they need. Not all churches --some are really good-- but some churches just don't know how to help these people. A lot of churches don't know how to react to the particular person's situation. That's where we step in.There's a major apparent gap for Christians that don't know how to deal with these scenarios or mental illnesses."

Their new directory of resources in Winnipeg is the ministry's first project in 2018. Their focus is to make this directory as accessible as possible through their website, and eventually hope to endeavour to print it all out in pamphlets for people to hand out.

It was God, Stoffman says, that gave her a vision of the ministry. "I went to a special conference back in 2011. While I was there, I got a very clear picture of a bridge. I saw me standing 'in-the-gap'. I was serving people with mental illnesses, addictions, and unwanted pregnancies; people who don't know where to go. We want to help them by bringing them to that place of hope rather than misery."

Stoffman stated, "at first we felt called to writing blogs. We had an online blog that reached to Myanmar, India, the Philippines, and further. It was awesome to see how God was using us through writing. Then it shifted from the internet to local encouragement, fellowship, and support. We've worked in the North End, and we've been transitioning to hands-on work rather than online."

I Am Ministry also offers messianic outreach programs and speaking engagements to help educate and equip your church or ministry.