Four Crowns Restaurant in Winnipeg heard the news of the cancellation of Winnipeg's largest street festival and has decided to help out the food truck community with a small-scale alternative.

Ravi Ramberran, the owner of Four Crowns Restaurant & Bar on McPhillips Street saw ManyFest's post about the cancellation of the street festival and decided he could offer another option for the food vendors.

While Four Crowns Restaurant has not participated as a vendor itself at Manyfest, Ramberran has participated as a visitor. He also has friends who own food trucks and when they expressed their disappointment with the cancelled festival, the restaurant owner sprung into action.

"I know a lot of them booked off that weekend getting ready for [ManyFest], so I said, "Well, you know what, use my lot," says Ramberran. "We'll have some fun and see what happens. It's also Burger Week that week too, so there's going to be a lot of food traffic."

Ramberran says he's already had some interest in his offer, 15 vendors are already anticipating parking their food trucks or hot dog stands in the parking lot of Four Crowns. The general cost for vendors to park on his lot is $100 plus GST, but other than that there is no additional cost.

There will also be live music and everything else that is offered inside the building of Four Crowns Restaurant on September 8-10.

To keep the aspect of competition that is originally offered at the ManyFest Food Truck Wars, Ramberran says there will be an opportunity for vendors to win "Winnipeg's Best Food Vendor," which will be judged by Kevin Burgin (The Main Ingredient), Allan Pineda (five-time food truck wars judge), Tony Siwiki (Chair of the MRFA), and Vilai Pinasouc (culinary instructor CMWI and foodie).

For more information, visit the Four Crowns Restaurant Facebook page. Inquiries can be made at