The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says they are investigating after learning that people are receiving unrequested seeds in the mail.

Porscha Kanellis says that she has received two packages of seeds, initially thinking they were the seeds she ordered online.

"I was going to save them until next year, thinking they were my potato seeds."

Kanellis notes that the packages were addressed to her, but the packages were mailed to two separate mailing addresses one week apart.

"I live outside of the city so I sometimes use my mother's address to receive ordered packages. So the first one was delivered to my moms under my name and the other to my mailbox."

After seeing a post on her community page, Kanellis realized the seeds she put away for next year were not the ones she ordered online.

"It is a little freaky to think about it actually. What if this is an invasive species and what if there are pests on this?"

Kanellis adds that she saw there was a link to contact someone about the seeds, but says she did not save the packaging because she thought they were her seeds. The gardener adds that she found a CFIA phone number that she can call to report the seeds.

CFIA believes the seeds are from unknown origins and officials say they could carry plant pests or be invasive plants. 

"These species can invade agricultural and natural areas, causing serious damage to our plant resources," CFIA says in a statement.

Officials are requesting that those receiving seed packaged that they did not order to contact CFIA immediately.

They ask that recipients keep the packaging, mailing label, and seeds. They add that a CFIA inspector will provide further instructions. 

Those who have received seeds in Manitoba can call CFIA at 204-259-1400.