A few nights of fairy-tale magic will soon grace the stage at Linden Christian School (LCS) during their musical production of Cinderella.

The musical, non-Disneyfied version of the fairy-tale is based on the Rodgers and Hammerstein television adaptation from the 1950s shared Kim Neufeld, LCS director of choral music and musical director. In 2013, the script was modified to be more current and became a hit on Broadway.

In the new version, Magnolia Hollander, who will be playing the role of Cinderella, says that the princess will still lose a glass slipper but with a bit more theatrical flair.

"I lose it later on... I go to a ball and then I drop it by accident, but I pick it up. Then I go to a second event, and then I throw it at the prince, give him a little nudge," Hollander laughed.

Joshua Pchajek, grade 11, will play the role of Prince Topher, better known as Prince Charming.

No stranger to the world of acting having participated in various productions before, Pchajek says he really has enjoyed being able to portray a larger perspective of the prince in the musical adaptation.

"In the actual Cinderella Disney cartoon, the prince has, like, two lines, so in this one, it's cool to see kind of the prince's side."

The prince, says Pchajek, does not have much knowledge of his own kingdom, something Cinderella takes upon herself to show him. "They kind of show the more political side of it."

Hollander says that though the "excitement nerves" have begun to set in, she is looking forward to their official performance dates.

"It's been really fun... I'm really enjoying it," shared the grade 12 student.

The cast and crew of LCS's Cinderella have been hard at work on the production since auditions concluded in December, but even with five months of rehearsals, live performance is an entirely different feeling, Neufeld says.

"It doesn't really get real until you're in the auditorium."

To those wishing to attend, an evening of glitter and exceptional musical performance is to be expected.

"You will not be disappointed," said Neufeld.

LCS's production of Cinderella will run May 8-10, 2019 at 877 Wilkes Avenue. Shows will take place nightly, starting at 7:00 p.m. Tickets cost $15.00 each and are available for pre-sale, as well as walk-up. To purchase tickets, call 204-989-6730.