Imagine losing your marriage and the life you once knew, but in the end, making a discovery that changes you forever.

Jared C. Wilson, who is a well-known author and podcaster, as well as assistant professor of pastoral ministry at Spurgeon College, author in residence at Midwestern Seminary, and director of the pastoral training center at Liberty Baptist Church, writes about this in his new book, Love Me Anyway: How God's Perfect Love Fills our Deepest Longing.

He says there may be no more powerful desire in the human heart than to be loved. And not just loved but loved anyway. 

"I have been there. I talk about my own story and my struggle with depression and anxiety. The time when my marriage fell apart, and I had lost everything," Wilson explains. "Not just I thought nobody loved me, I was told, I don't love you anymore and I was unloved."
It was through this experience that Jared says he found the closeness of the Lord in a way that he didn't think he could.

"I was out of hope and was thinking really crazy thoughts, as depression will often do. So my assumption was, of course, God would reject me as well."

"What I discovered, even in the depth of my affliction, is that we have a God, who because of his matchless grace, doesn't walk away. Our biggest sin and our biggest darkness, our biggest sorrow, are no match for him," says Wilson.

Today on Connections, Jared shares how we can find this love and start accepting it. He also talks about his book and the inspiration behind it.