When Linda Olson was a teenager she experienced a tragedy that rocked her life. 

It took a total of 45 years for Olson to get to a place where she didn't feel guilt or grief daily.

"One of the major keys for me to come to complete healing was to take full responsibility and own my story," Olson explains.

Linda says because of her brokenness, it took her a long time to grasp her value and discover the gifts and abilities she had been given.

"After a lengthy journey to healing, I discovered you don't have to wait for someone to tell you who you are and what you have to offer. God has already defined your story, it's a matter of embracing it and be the champion you were called to be."

Linda writes about her journey in her book, Love Your Story. This book lays the foundation through a clear and simple pathway. Linda offers strategies, tools, and practical tips to address the area where our greatest power lies: knowing our identity in Christ. With that as a foundation, anyone can learn to rise above fears, insecurities, and any other challenges and learn to soar like an eagle. 

Today on Connections, Linda shares how her brokenness led her to grasp her value and discover her God-given gifts and abilities.