Mack Brock, Multi-Platinum® songwriter and worship leader, is releasing his first single since being signed with Centricity Music, “Just Like You’ve Always Done,” released Friday, November 3, 2023.

Mack Brock sitting with a guitar.

“Centricity is excited to add Mack to its roster of artists and writers,” said Centricity Music CEO Caren Seidle. “He brings a legacy of writing, recording and performing music for believers and music lovers everywhere around the world, aligning perfectly with Centricity’s mission statement.”

This exciting partnership marks the beginning of a new chapter for both Mack and Centricity Music, with the debut single, "Just Like You've Always Done," produced by GRAMMY-nominated Hank Bentley and co-written with Bentley and Jessie Early, emphasizes the unchanging nature of God throughout history. 

“It’s the launching pad of what we believe,” Brock speaks of the fresh track. “He is the same as He’s always been. He’s the same God that’s the lead character in all the stories we’ve read in Scripture. He’s still working miracles.”

Mack's music is deeply influenced by his personal experiences, including the joys and challenges of foster parenting and his family's journey. Through his songs, he aims to remind listeners of an all-knowing God who remains sovereign and deserving of praise.

“With over fifteen years of friendship and making music together, I am truly honoured to join Mack in this new chapter of his life and music,” adds Centricity’s Director of A&R, James Duke. “Mack’s love of Jesus and heart for the Church is inspiring, and I can’t wait for the world to hear these songs.”

Mack Brock's journey in the Christian music world is marked by his role as a founding member of the GRAMMY Award-winning Elevation Worship, where he co-wrote several hits, including "O Come To The Altar," "Do It Again," and "Resurrecting." He has since embarked on a successful solo career, releasing albums like Greater Things and "SPACE."

“With my music, I’m just trying to relive all the times God has shown up,” said Brock. “I want to use that as a catalyst to build my faith and, hopefully, encourage others in their faith as well.”


Group photoMack Brock is pictured (L-R) with members of his Centricity Music team: James Duke, Director of A&R; John Stokes, VP of Sales and Digital Marketing; Chad Segura, VP of Publishing; Brock; Andrew Lambeth, VP of Sales and Marketing; and John Mays, Sr. VP of A&R.