A Winnipeg man who used to buy his wife flowers on a weekly basis now does so for strangers in her memory.

Kim Morfoot lost his wife Bonnie to cancer on March 4, 2017. Ever since he has been gifting flower bouquets to family, friends, and strangers in honour of her. 

"I met her when she was 15 and I was 16. We met at Maple Grove Park," says Morfoot.

He was married to Bonnie for 41 years and after she passed, Morfoot had a statue of an angel and plaque placed in that same park in memory of her. 

Statue of angel in Maple Grove ParkAngel statue with a nameplate for Bonnie Morfoot in Maple Grove Park in memory of her. Beside the statue is a plaque that reads "In memory of the indigenous and Metis people laid to rest at this burial site.'"

"We had such a connection, me and her. I'd get home from work and say I'm thinking of going to dinner at this place and she'd say 'I was thinking the same thing'," he says.

Morfoot says his wife surprised people with what she was capable of during her illness.

"Even when she was sick she wanted to do something, like send money to Siloam Mission. She did the cancer walk in between chemo. The doctors couldn't believe she did that."

Over 500 people showed up on the day of Bonnie's funeral to honour her life.

"That's how much people cared for her. My buddy made buttons," which Morfoot attaches to this day to the bouquet he gives away. 

Pin attached to flowers in memory of Bonnie MorfootOne grateful recipient of the flowers, with the pin of Bonnie Morfoot attached. (Kdee Leon/Facebook)

The pin says 'Today I make a memory' with Bonnie's picture on it. 

The couple had three children, two daughters and a son. Morfoot says he now has seven grandkids with one on the way. Some weeks his daughters and granddaughters receive one of the bouquets.

"She was one great woman, and she treated everyone the same. I still cry for her every day."

Morfoot says the night before Bonnie passed away, he had a vision of her while he slept. 

"The only thing I remembered was walking between two white buildings, I couldn't see the ground. My wife was at the end with a set of gates with a bunch of flowers on the gates."

After he woke up, he found out Bonnie had passed away. Morfoot later told a priest about this vision. 

"He said, 'You know, I've been a priest for 35 years and you're the 15th person that told me the same story. You got to walk your wife to the gates."

Most people are grateful to receive a bouquet of flowers from Morfoot, especially after hearing the reason why.

"The flowers, I say, are to try and make people's day better," says Morfoot.