A U.K hero who walked to raise funds for healthcare workers during the pandemic has died from the very thing he was walking for.

On Sunday, his family shared Moore had been sick with COVID-19 after being treated for pneumonia.

"The medical care he has received in the last few weeks has been remarkable and we know that the wonderful staff at Bedford Hospital will do everything they can to make him comfortable and hopefully return home as soon as possible," the family tweeted. 

On Tuesday, Captain Tom Moore's family shared he has died following a battle against COVID-19.

Moore was known for raising over $55.9 million for COVID-19 efforts, inspiring other seniors around the world with his efforts.

Before Moore's 100th birthday, he announced he would walk 100 laps around his garden each day to raise funds for the United Kingdom National Health Service. His initial goal was to raise £1000 but blew it out of the water raising £32.8 million, or the Canadian equivalent of approximately $55.9 million.

He was knighted by the Queen of England during her first public appearance since the pandemic in July.

Moore was a WWII veteran. There is currently a movie in the works about Moore's walks.