A family from Ste. Anne is going on an extended vacation with no destination and no return date. 

Amanda Unger and her husband, Brenden, decided to trade their home and 14 acres for a large motorhome and an extended vacation. 

“We’re going to travel in the big RV, we're pulling the truck,” she says. “We're going to travel for as long as we can and go where we can and see what we can. And we have no destination, we have no end goal. It's just to (visit) friends and family first, to kind of see them in Canada and then head down South in the winter.” 

This whole idea started after a neighbour expressed an interest in buying their property, a large home with a big yard. 

After some consideration, she says they decided to sell their home and move into an RV instead of buying another house right now. 

So, with their three young children, the couple is travelling across the prairies this summer. 

“I’m a mama, so I guess I just want to see my husband be able to play and just be with the kids 24/7 and not just two hours at nighttime before they go to bed,” she says. “I think that's what's really nice about it. That's my favorite part.”


The Unger family poses for a formal photo.

Unger says their plan is to live in the RV and travel for as long as possible. 

And she is excited to see where this adventure will lead them. Unger says they have some ideas for places they would like to visit but adds they’re really “winging it.” 

“If we see a town that no one told us about and we don't even know existed, but it's beautiful, we'll stay there, too.”

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