Mitchell Middle School's Principal made sure their tradition of collecting donations for Southeast Helping Hands and Steinbach Community Christmas was not forgotten this year.

Andrew Mead says collecting food for charity is a big part of the Christmas Season over at Mitchell Middle.

"This year was a bit of a challenge because we don't have a lot of kids at school and we are just trying to encourage families to stay home. We thought we would do a mobile pick up. I put a little Rudolph on the front of my truck and drove around Mitchell and met families at the end of their driveways and they filled my truck up."

A stuffed rudolph toy tied to the grill of the truck

Mead says he used a biking app on his phone which tracks his location so that parents follow his progress through the community and be ready with their donations when he dropped by. He notes the whole initiative was surprisingly successful.

"We did great, I think we collected more than what we normally do actually. We definitely filled the back of my truck and families also dropped quite a bit off throughout the week at the schools so when the people from Helping Hands came by, we definitely filled the back of their van pretty much from floor to ceiling, it was pretty impressive."

Mead thanks all of his students and their families for their amazing support.


Written by Kenton Dyck