RCMP Manitoba, the Winnipeg Police Service, and others are sharing their sympathies after an RCMP officer in Nova Scotia was killed by a man impersonating the RCMP.

Last night, while RCMP Nova Scotia was responding to several RCMP calls in the Portapique area of Nova Scotia, they found several casualties around a home.

Authorities continued to hunt for the prime suspect, a 51-year-old man. The suspect appeared to be impersonating RCMP officers by wearing part of an RCMP uniform and driving a mock RCMP cruiser.

The suspect then made their way across the province, allegedly doing more damage. While looking for the suspect, RCMP searched several locations, finding some structures on fire along the way.

The suspect does not appear to have any connection to the victims according to RCMP Nova Scotia.

While searching, one RCMP officer, Constable Heidi Stevenson, was killed and another officer was injured.



Mayor Bowman tweeted his condolences as well, calling the events "senseless acts of violence."