Manitoba's Premier is announcing how Manitobans can soon visit loved ones in the hospital and care homes.

Premier Brian Pallister says a new, temporary method will be used to show proof of receiving two COVID-19 vaccines: secure immunization cards.

"In the interim, Manitobans will get certain benefits with this card," Pallister says in a Wednesday morning press conference. " We hope this is a temporary measure, of course, as we get to the point where everybody is vaccinated and we don't need to worry so much about this."

The cards, both physical and digital, will show the holder has received both COVID-19 vaccines and 14 days have passed using a QR code. Pallister says the information only shows the cardholder's first and last name, and what vaccinations they have received. 

"The personal immunization card contains no personal health information, no personal health data."

This will exempt people returning to Manitoba from other provinces from needing to isolate for two weeks. These travel advantages include children under the age of 12 if the parents are fully vaccinated. This card also exempts people from needing to isolate themselves if they are in close contact with a COVID-19 case.

Hospital and personal care home visits may occur if both the person in care and visiting have received two vaccines. This will start next week.


Two-dose summer

The province is set to discuss details on what a summer with looser restrictions will look like for Manitobans Wednesday. Pallister says details on other possible privileges the vaccination cards will bring will be released later this week.

The premier says to "stay tuned" on visitations between double-vaccinated people, noting there will be more information later this week.

Pallister says he and other premiers are in discussion of what provincial vaccination cards can do for Manitobans outside of the province, and others with their own provincial vaccination cards coming into Manitoba.

"I don't want this card to be used as a divisive thing," Pallister says.

Pallister says the card is not meant to take away rights and freedoms, but to give more privileges to those who received both vaccines for a short time. He is hoping the privileges encourage more people to get the vaccine.