For the past two days, deer have required rescuing after one fell through the ice, and another was lured into a retirement home by an "attractive Christmas deer."

Early Monday morning, RCMP officers were called to Selkirk for a Breaking and Entering report inside a retirement home. Once arriving, officers discovered the "suspect" was a deer.

"Officers attempted to guide him out, but with deer having only 20/100 eyesight, it took him nearly 90 mins to see the wide-open door!," RCMP Manitoba tweets.

The deer was missing an antler, which was "seized" at the scene.

"Officers have not ruled out the possibility that the animal saw an attractive Christmas deer decoration through the window."

The deer tore through the exercise room, flipped furniture, and broke a glass door.

On Tuesday afternoon, a deer in Winnipeg required rescuing from a more serious situation. The animal fell through the ice on the Red River. Winnipeg Fire Paramedic crews were called, rescuing the animal.

While the deer is unable to read the social media post, the City of Winnipeg is asking people to stay off of thin ice.

"Thin ice conditions are present throughout the city, please exercise extreme caution around waterways."