For the love of cycling and raising money for a good cause.

That's what is inspiring Killarney resident, Bob Moore, to pedal 85 kilometres across parts of central Manitoba in the coming weeks.

Moore has been cycling ever since he found his passion for pedaling some 52 years ago, and tries to complete a cycling trip, biking up to 100 miles in a day, each September.

Back in 1968, as a student of United College (now known as the University of Winnipeg), Moore biked to the college every day to avoid the parking dilemma of downtown Winnipeg.

As a teacher in the St. James area, he has continued his cycling to work and hasn’t looked back.

“I try to do a longer bike ride later in the fall so that I have something to shoot for, and it keeps me on my bike,” explains Moore, who is now 75 years old. 

The 85 km ride takes him from Winnipeg to Portage and then to Oakville, to follow his father's bus route. 

“Back in 1922 my dad started a commercial bus operation out of Oakville, Manitoba,” he says. “So, what I’ve been doing for the last three years is (riding) his old bus route, which is the old Highway 26 from Portage la Prairie to Winnipeg.”

This year, Moore has focused on raising money for the Saint Boniface Hospital Foundation through his cycling efforts.

He says St. Boniface Hospital holds a special place in the hearts of his family.

Having reached his goal of $2,000 within a short time, Moore recently increased his fundraising goal.