A couple from Winnipeg is excited to reveal their new health centre that will help thousands of locals in Tanzania, Africa this fall. 

Darryl and Shirley Peters are in the midst of opening up Dashir-kikwe Health Centre in Tanzania. They also run Dashir Lodge and Safaris, a bed and breakfast. 

"When we came here it was supposed to be a bed and breakfast. What started in that wound up being nine acres to 30 acres of land. We build a lodge in five years and started a safaris company. Then started doing missions as business or business as missions," says the Peters.

The couples lodge allows them to continue their ministry work. 

"Life is about relationships, working with others, and living in community. Africa was in our hearts," says Darryl.

Once the pandemic hit, they had to close up their lodge as travel was prohibited. 

"No guests for over a year and our first guests are coming here July 19 from Winnipeg," he says.

The couple has given 177 safaris to guests in their time out in Africa, and Darryl shares that half are people from Manitoba. 

Now they are moving into building a health centre for local people in need of medical attention.

"The biggest need in Tanzania, after water, is good health. The facilities are much needed," says Darryl.

After receiving a generous donation, the Peters were able to purchase land beside their lodge and get started on building the centre. 

"We're building a maternity and day centre to help with primary care for hundreds of people in our community and surrounding area. Probably about 200 people a day. The death of children is one of the highest here in Tanzania in the world," says the Peters.

Shirley almost died giving birth to one of her sons and says the reason she and her son lived is because of the great health care in Canada. She says if it happened in Tanzania, her son would not be alive today. 

"We really need to focus on maternity and do it well so that women can make it through three months, six months, and nine [months of pregnancy]. We had someone on our staff now that just lost their third baby at delivery," says Shirley.

They have been building the centre for the past four months, calling it Neema, which is the Swahili word for grace. If all goes well, they will open in September. 

"We're always asking for prayers and we're also looking for 1,000 people to join for $100 each. We have 325 right now. We've raised almost $400,000 in the last six months, which is a miracle," says the Peters. 

They share how they've consistently seen God's hand in their 11 years of working in Africa.