The grade 10 students at Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute (MBCI) are getting ready to put on three folktales, performing for the first time in the school's renovated Jubilee Place.

The three mini-tales are 'The Blabbermouth,' 'The Puff Monster' and 'The Wolf,' each from a different village in Ukraine. The students in the drama will be dressed in traditional costumes from these various regions.

"Our school has been very active in many ways, trying to find how to support Ukraine," says Kelly-Lynne Reimer, MBCI's drama teacher. "Being the drama teacher, Pioneer drama had this opportunity, where if you did these Ukrainian folktales, the money they receive from the purchase of that script would go to Ukraine."

When Reimer found this out, she asked the grade 10 students if they would be alright to switch from improve to working on these plays to perform. 

"They were 100 per cent on board to doing something like this. These dramas take us into three different villages in Ukraine and they also, between narrations, give you a little history of Ukraine, which is fantastic."

There are twelve students involved in the drama. Other grades are also getting involved to help with the fundraising event.

"We have our grade 5s helping out. They'll be starting the show with a Ukrainian dance. We have the grade 9 Food Nutrition who are going to be selling baked goods. Our art students are selling art."

Al proceeds to the evening's event will go towards MCC Ukraine. 

"We made a connection with a Ukrainian Winnipeg organization here and we have a lovely woman coming today to watch our run-through and see if she can't fit us with authentic Ukrainian costumes from the areas these stories take place in."

The tickets are not a particular price, but rather whatever people deem appropriate. The drama will take place on Friday, May 13 at MBCI in Winnipeg. Doors open at 6:15 p.m. and the show starts at 7.

"This is a really practical way for our community to bless our neighbours across the ocean and say 'We do stand with you. We're here for you.'"