Love in the form of music will envelop the crowd at the upcoming concert presented by the Mennonite Community Orchestra in collaboration with goodwill partner Mennonite Disaster Service.

Bob Wiebe is the President of the Mennonite Community Orchestra Board, as well as one of the violinists in the orchestra. 

On November 20 for their fall concert, the MCO decided to partner with Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS). The theme of the afternoon concert is 'The Power of Love.'

"In a sense, that's a cliche but it's also a deep truth to remember when the world gets divided and hostile," says Wiebe. "The music that we're playing mostly has connections with love in one form or another."

The MCO rehearses at Canadian Mennonite University (CMU). One of the pieces will be played by a current CMU student, Anne Grace Kelm, who will play a piano concerto solo to a Felix Mendelssohn song. 

"The MCO has its roots back in the 40s but has been in continuous existence since the late 70s," says Wiebe. 

Goodwill Partner

"For us, a goodwill partner is an organization which has values of community service," says Wiebe.

That is how the MCO partnered with MDS for this upcoming event, to help one another with exposure. 

"We'll have the opportunity to share about three minutes on who we are and our theme of 'The Power of Love,'" says Ross Penner, the Director of Canadian Operations with MDS.

The event's theme resonates in a big way with how MDS run their operations. 

"The power of love is not only present when the volunteers do their work but those that are the beneficiaries of that work experience God's love in a very practical way in a time of crisis and great need. We talk about being the hands and feet of Jesus, which show this service heart, motivated by God's love. We believe we should pass this love on to our neighbour so the theme is a fit with who we are."

Currently, MDS volunteers are helping people in crisis on the east coast of Canada and Florida. Their team just finished up helping in the B.C. after last summer's forest fires. 

The MCO fall concert is happening at the Lutheran Church of the Cross at 560 Arlington Street at 3:00 p.m. on Sunday, November 20, and tickets are available at the door or by emailing