The bassist for MercyMe, Nathan Cochran opens up in an interview with CHVN about the band's new album after four years since their last. 

Cochran has been in the band since 1998 and says he's been with MercyMe longer than he hasn't. 

"We finally have another record coming out. It's been four years since our last record Lifer came out. After that we had the I Can Only Imagine movie come out so that felt like a little bit like releasing a record. But it has been a while since we've put out a good body of music and we're very excited about it," says Cochran.

The new record inhale/exhale is being released to the public on April 30, 2021. 

"It has some songs, as always, that are very important to us personally, which is typically how we write. We write about things we're going through in our own lives, things that inspire us."

One of the singles on the album that has been met with huge success already is called 'Say I Won't', which is about a dear friend of the band, Gary. 

"Through the whole process of the record, we were talking to him about the concepts on our last couple of records, which dealt with grace and identity."

At the beginning of 2020, Gary ended up in the hospital in rough shape. 

"As time progressed we were able to talk to Gary and come to find out all these conversations we've been having with Gary about grace and identity really stuck with him. This song 'Say I Won't' took a turn from, still. talking about grace and identity but becomes a bit of a dare. Like I know who I am in Christ but say I won't stand back up, kind of watch me do this," says Cochran.

Gary is in the front and centre of MercyMe's 'Say I Won't' music video. The message of the song was well received by the public, including artists such as TobyMac.

"We of course have been friends with Toby for years and years. Artists in this community do our best to stick close to each other. What a privilege really."

This new album offers fans some music with collaborators. Something the band hasn't done a whole lot of in the past. One of those collaborations is with Gary LeVox of Rascal Flatts.

Look who's showing up on our next album! @garylevox LET'S GO!

Posted by MercyMe Music on Wednesday, December 9, 2020

"Being up here in Nashville you meet different people along the way. Gary's a friend that we met along the way, and we're fans of his voice. It's been great having him on it."

Their latest single before the album comes out is called 'On Our Way' and it has a familiar sound to it.

"Sam, Bart's oldest son had started writing that song with some other guys in the Nashville area. We heard what he was working on and said 'Hey, that's kinda cool.' We ended up recording it and Sam wasn't originally going to sing on it, but the day we were working on it Bart's voice wasn't the best so Sam ended up filling in and singing the second verse. Everybody said let's just keep this," says Cochran.

After many months off the band is looking forward to playing shows in front of live audiences once more with their Live & Outside tour in May and June at minor league baseball stadiums.