American Christian singer Mike Donehey releases his second book to encourage people to love despite disagreement.

Mike Donehey released Grace in the Gray: A More Loving Way to Disagree on January 17 through WaterBrook & Multnomah Publishing.

Back in September, Donehey posted on Instagram that the inspiration for this book came from a single comment.

"Mike, I can't believe that way you disagree with people. It isn't teeming with anger like I've come to expect. Your discourse is brimming with compassion and curiosity. I think I'm learning how to argue by watching you."

He continues in the caption to say that he was not always like that, that he saw arguments as competitions to win, and now looks at disagreements with mercy and love.

When his book was released, he posted to social media again about the meaning of the book.

"I admit it’s an awfully big vision. Is it going to be difficult? Absolutely. Is it even possible? It has to be. I’m looking for a world where the hostility in our conflicts can finally be removed. Where we meet the world with outstretched arms and not a closed fist. Where we build more bridges than we burn down.
It won’t be easy. But as salt and light, is this not our call? By the grace of God, let us more lovingly disagree. Will you Join me?"


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Donehey wishes that readers will understand the peace-making kingdom he is speaking of in the book and that people will be touched to go on a journey to rethink the way they handle disagreements with others. To do it with love and compassion.

Along with the release of his new book, the former lead singer of Tenth Avenue North dropped a five-day devotional by the same name, available on the Youversion Bible app. He also performed in Nashville for a book release concert.

Back in November 2022, Donehey released his single, "Yeshua (Friend of Sinners)," and it is expected that he will release more new music shortly.

To purchase his book, visit Donehey's official website.