The lead singer of Big Daddy Weave is sharing an emotional video in gratitude and remembrance of his brother.

"I just want to thank you," says Mike Weaver on a Facebook video. "There have been pouring in, after the announcement of Jay's passing, the most incredible amount of love shown to us."

Jay Weaver, bassist in Big Daddy Weave passed away on January 2, 2022, from COVID-19 complications. He had been battling a few other health issues as well. 

"Telling stories, they were so encouraging, talking about what the Lord has done. It really impacted me and it impacted all of us in Big Daddy Weave."

Jay and Mike not only grew up as brothers but also formed a band together, Big Daddy Weave, doing so much of their lives together. 

"I was crushed by his passing," says big brother Mike. "I was like, how can we even go out and do this? But as the stories, testimonies, and love came pouring in, it changed everything. It felt like, how can we not do this?"

Mike shares that as the band continues on tour, they want to carry the memory and heart of Jay with them.

"Going forward we want to give everything to the Lord. He can use anybody, He can use anything, He can use what we give Him. "

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