After two months of what may have felt like non-stop extreme cold warnings, Manitobans are in for a treat this week.

Justin Share from Environment Canada says that this coming week is bringing plenty of mild temperatures. "The average for this time of year is a high around minus six, and a low of minus 16, so we're a good four degrees above that."

Overnight lows should reach around minus 10, while daytime highs will likely be reaching above the freezing mark.

"Daytime highs should be around plus one or plus two," Share says.

However, Share reminds us that it is Manitoba.

"I wouldn't pack away the parka yet. It is Winnipeg - it is the southern prairies . . . but looking at the long-range models it's looking that into mid-March we shouldn't be seeing temperatures in the minus thirties. As far as minus 20, I wouldn't throw that possibility out quite yet."

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