The Angel Squad may not be handing out coffee Tuesday morning, but they are still making an impact on the lives of people in a personal care home.

For the past 25 years, volunteers for the Misericordia Health Centre Foundation have donned white wings and halos to hand out coffee and hot chocolate as they collect donations for Misericordia Place. This year, the angels are collecting donations virtual.

"We are unable to do the in-person drive, but in honour of the Angel Squad we launched a virtual campaign," Lisa Stiver, the Misericordia Health Centre Foundation's Board Chair says. 

For the past 25 days, the group has been sharing stories and collecting donations online. 

Stiver says so far, they have received over $40,000 in donations, beating their original $25,000 goal by a landslide. She is hopeful that by Tuesday evening, they will double their original goal.

"I think people recognize the higher level of need this year."

Donations are going towards giving the residents of Misericordia Place entertainment items, a much-needed resource during a time of isolation. Donations will allow the foundation to give residents books, games, music devices, or even a therapeutic activity kit for units. 

"The funds are being raised to assist to buy resources for the residents who otherwise would be able to enjoy time with friends and family."

She says the current restrictions and conditions make it difficult for residents to socialize with people.

Twenty-five years ago, the angels were formed. Stiver says she does not know exactly why angels were chosen as the mascot, but she has heard a couple of reasons for it.

"I believe it is a connection with Misericordia," she says. "There must have been some time with the symbolism of angels... and of course, for our holiday tradition, angels are seen as something that is connected to the holiday season."

Over the past 25 days, Stiver says they have been hearing stories about the impact the angels have been making on people. Each year, Stiver enjoys dressing up in her angel costume and handing out hot drinks to people entering the building where she works as a lawyer.