Christian missionary Wayne Goddard had been working with and ministering to Indigenous peoples in the country for 25 years when he was shot in his home earlier this week.

An investigation into Goddard's death has been opened after he was killed by gunshots on Tuesday, according to Evangelical Focus.

His residence was located in the indigenous colony Mboijagua, about 20 kilometers from the Villa Ygatimi district in Paraguay.

Goddard had spent the past 25 years working with the Pai people through Ethnos360, a mission organization dedicated to sending missionaries to people groups across the world yet unreached by the Gospel. Ethnos360 director Steve Gutzmer confirmed that no prior threats or allegations had been made against Goddard by residents of the area.

Following the attack, Inspector Officer Arnaldo Agüero had Goddard transported to a Curuguaty hospital, where the missionary succumbed to his injuries.

Officer Sergio Servian from Paraguay says that an investigation has been opened at this time on the mountain of the colony.