The organizers of Missionfest Manitoba are getting excited about returning to an in-person event, but they still need volunteers to help run it from April 29 to May 1. 

"We still have a number of positions we're looking for volunteers," says Alison Wells-Dyck, the event's volunteer coordinator. "We need ushers and greeters throughout the weekend. We need some hosts to host the speaker and exhibitor lounge area. We have an information booth that we need people to be available for, and we need somebody to count attendants."

Missionfest Manitoba has run once a year for roughly 20 years, with the past two years as an exception. Not being able to hold an event with groups of people meant Missionfest had to change its platform. They did offer a few online events for churches and groups during the pandemic. 

In 2022, they will be offering a hybrid event. This means people can attend in person at Church of the Rock from April 29 until May 1. Those who want to stay home or live far away can also attend breakout sessions and hear the keynotes online. 

"People who are interested in volunteering can go on the Missionfest website and fill out an application."

Wells-Dyck shares that even if people have two hours to spare for the weekend, it will be helpful. She says that if teenagers and young adults want to volunteer, they are welcome. 

"We do have a volunteer orientation on Thursday night so if people can make it to that, they're welcome to join us there."