Instead of trying to do a virtual event, the planners of Missionfest are announcing they have postponed the event until 2022. 

The Executive Director of MissionFest Manitoba, Brian Hamilton, made a public video statement on their website. 

"In the 30 plus years of Missionfest Manitoba's history, our biggest concern has always been that the mother of all snowstorms would hit us on the Missionfest weekend and prevent everyone from coming."

Missionfest typically takes place at Church of the Rock in Winnipeg in February. 

"No one ever dreamt that the world would be shut down due to a global pandemic and yet this is exactly where we find ourselves today," says Hamilton.

The festival includes many booths with exhibitors who want to share their mission with attendants, as well as different speakers over the course of three days. 

"Because of this, I have had to make the difficult and unprecedented decision to postpone the Missionfest Manitoba 2021 festival until 2022."

He explains that because of the travel and gathering restrictions, it simply seems unlikely that people could properly gather in person by the date.

"We have no confidence that a large, in-person conference will even be allowed, let alone well attended."

Hamilton shares that all the speakers and booths that normally attend have been informed prior to the announcement. 

"Please keep us in your prayers as we now turn our eyes towards the planning of the 2022 Missionfest Manitoba festival, which will probably be held on the weekend of February 4-7, 2022."

He says that the organization will keep people updated on the website as well as through emails for announcements on who the speakers will be and their theme.