When moviegoers see the new film based on the life of Fred Rogers this November they'll get an up-close look at a devoted Christian life.

Fred Rogers, a popular children's television star, more commonly known as Mr. Rogers, will be honoured with a movie starring Tom Hanks titled after his show theme song "A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood". 

Rogers devoted 30 years of his life to television and was bold with his faith. The film highlights that and more. It is based on journalist Tom Junod's article and details how their friendship developed after their first meeting.

In a new preview titled The Heart of the Story, Junod says, "He had that amazing gift of looking at a person and seeing what that person needed, that he was going to minister to that person. That person just so happened to be me."

In 1963, Rogers became a Presbyterian minister and took his teachings to the screen. 

Director Marielle Heller told the press at the Toronto International Film Festival that the television hero lived what he preached. 

“He had a message of kindness and of being present and a mission of listening, and he did it every day,” Heller said. “Our movie shows you his mission in action.”

The preview begins with Hanks as Mr. Rogers saying "Do you know what that means, to forgive?

“It’s a decision we make to release a person from the feelings of anger we have toward them."

Heller says in the preview, that Rogers, "gave people the liberty to explore something deep and vulnerable about themselves." She hopes that through the movie, "people will take a moment to reflect on themselves and their own emotional self." 

A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood debuts in November 2019.