The Lord has delivered a Samson once again, but this time, a Myanmar man and his family were saved from death by stoning and fire.

In 2017, Samson became a Christian and converted from Buddhism. Soon, his family had also converted, International Christian Concern (ICC) reports.

The family faced backlash from their village, who demanded they renounce Christ and return to their Buddhist beliefs.

Samson refused to back down and one day later, seven trucks dumped stones in front of Samson's home.

At first, he believed they were for repairing the road, but the next morning while praying, they heard noises outside their front door.

The family had been praying for guidance from the Lord during a meeting with the Buddhist monastery. But beyond their front door, they heard the village chief call out:

"Kill him! Samson, ask your God to save you now!"

Villagers began throwing stones at their home and Samson and his family prayed more.

Gasoline was poured over the family's bicycles, but the fire would not start. The villagers tried to start an electrical fire to burn down Samson's home, but this, too, would not catch fire.

The power died after Samson's family cried out for help from the Lord.

Windows and doors were broken by the stones being thrown but the villagers realized they would not harm Samson.

The villagers then turned to the nearby home of Samson's youngest daughter, causing damage. They then returned to Samson's house.

Police came after receiving a call for help. A Buddhist monk called out to the home, "Is there anyone who is still alive? Come now out of the house."

Samson and his family emerged from the home with only minor injuries.

"People were amazed," Samson says.

He forgave his persecutors and did not press charges. One of the attackers converted to Christianity that day.

ICC says it is not uncommon for radical Buddhists to persecute Christians and force them to give up being their faith.

Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist country. They are the 19th country listed on Open Doors' World Watch List.