A St.Vital mother is asking the public for their empty milk cartons so she can help make an igloo for the neighbourhood children. 

"It started off as a fort. I'm trying to get some of the kids engaged on the weekend with things other than video games," says Lindsay Stilwell. 

She has two boys at home ages 2 and 5-years-old. 

"I do a lot of things with the kids but there are a lot of kids stuck on video games. My partner saw this picture of an igloo and I just want something for the community for those who are willing to build."

Stilwell wasn't sure where to start or if she could build something this grand. 

"When he showed me the picture, I was like I have no idea how to build this. But I keep looking at it and it reminds me of the wall of Nehemiah and how I can be a scoffer or a believer. I'm choosing to just believe in it."

Each 2-litre carton is filled with water and then a touch of food colouring, then put outside to freeze. This will create a rainbow igloo with snow packed in between the ice chunks. 

To get at the rectangle of ice, the carton needs to be cut away, and that is why she is asking for cartons. 

Rainbow igloo.An example of the rainbow igloo Stilwell wants to make. (Carolyn Ball/Facebook)

"I've been reaching out to people for one milk carton at a time. My son got the first two ice bricks the other day but we need about 800 milk cartons for this thing."

Anyone who wants to give their empty milk cartons can text Stilwell at 204-294-6402 and she'll provide the address to drop off. 

"I just think it would be a great opportunity for some of the kids here," she says.