A husband and wife duo says they are using music to share the Bible with others.

Camille & Gabriel, a Montreal group, met in September of 2017. As their love grew, so did their music.

"From our first exchange it was undeniable: we had found a soulmate. Of all the things that united us, the love of music was one of the greatest," Gabriel says.


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Years later, they are now married and making music from their home studio.

"We are grateful for our neighbours," says Gabriel. Camille joins in, laughing and saying "they like our music too!"

gabe and camilleCamille and Gabriel say the pandemic allowed them to spend time at home together making music. (Supplied)

While they have released music in French, God So Loved the World is their first English worship song, inspired by Chapters 1, 3, and 8 in the Gospel of John. 

"The song highlights who Jesus is, what He did, and what He calls us to do," Camille says. "The power of the song is in its lyrics."

Since its release, the song has raked in over 10,000 streams on YouTube.

The pair says their music is inspired by the Bible.

"Our main goal is always to highlight the Bible, so to put it at the centre of our songs and be really Bible-based in everything I do," Gabriel says.

He is hoping people use their music as a way to connect with the Bible on their commutes.

"We want people to have the Bible basically in their ears. We think that it is good for Christians to meditate on the Bible and I think music can be an easy way to do it."

Camille and Gabriel are looking to put out more music in the near future, with goals of reaching further than Canada to places such as Australia and England.