Tickets are being issued to some people who attended large rallies in the past week, including at the Winnipeg Law Courts, with more fines being handed out soon.

This week's COVID-19 enforcement numbers do not reflect tickets given in Winnipeg Monday, but the province is releasing more details.

Six tickets have been given out that are not included in Tuesday's COVID-19 enforcement update, as they come from recent events. On Saturday, two tickets were issued in Winkler and Monday four in Winnipeg after rallies protesting the Public Health Orders. Provincial officials were present at both events. 

"These fines will be included in next week’s enforcement data as they were issued after May 2," the province says in a statement.

They are anticipating more tickets to be given out to people who attended in the upcoming days.

"Officials advise the choice to defy public health orders is a serious offence and violators will be held to account."

The Christian Church of Morden Inc. has been given two $5,000 business tickets. There are currently facing a total of $20,000 fines.

Two businesses were also given $5,000 tickets last week.

Between April 26 to May 2, 58 tickets and 112 more warnings have been given out. Tuesday's numbers reflect 20 tickets given out at a rally at The Forks, which occurred on Sunday, April 25.

Forty-two of the tickets were given out to individuals for various offences. A total of 33 of the individual tickets were given out for gatherings in private residences or outdoors including 20 from the rally at The Forks. Nine were given for failure to isolate.

Twelve fines were given out for failure to wear a mask in indoor public places.

"Officials note that many Manitobans are doing their part to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and are following the fundamentals. However, education and enforcement remain necessary in some instances."

There are approximately 3,300 people in Manitoba authorized to give COVID-19 enforcement tickets. Commissionaires Manitoba employees are at the Winnipeg International Airport to talk with arriving travellers, informing them about the Public Health Orders.

Since April of last year, 1,294 tickets totalling $1.8 million and 4,008 warnings have been issued.