Over $2 million in tickets have been handed out since the province began giving enforcement tickets.

Enforcement officials handed out almost as many tickets and warning this past week in Manitoba, including over the Long Weekend.

From May 17-23, 102 tickets and 130 warnings were given out by officials. This includes 96 $1,296 tickets to individuals for various offences and six $298 tickets to individuals for failure to wear a mask in indoor public places. 

The vast majority of the individual tickets, 88, were handed out for gatherings. Twenty-two of the individual tickets are follow-up tickets from previous rallies and large gatherings, including ones in Winnipeg.

"As the weather continues to warm up and Manitobans enjoy the outdoors, the public is advised that conservation officers will enforce public health and state of emergency orders within provincial parks, and park patrols, attendants, interpreters and beach safety services will provide education and monitor compliance," the province says in a statement.

The others include three for not self-isolating and two for Northern travel.

Three businesses, including two in Winnipeg, were given individual fines of $1,296 last week instead of the usual $5,000.

"If the ticket is not responded to during the response period indicated on the ticket, the individual would be default convicted and a $100 default conviction penalty would be applied. In such cases, the individual would also be prohibited from renewing a driver’s license or vehicle registration until the amount is paid."

The province says unpaid ticket amounts will be sent to collection agencies.

There was no enforcement update about Spring Church, which held a ceremony last week that caused controversy on social media.

Since April of 2020, 1,526 enforcement tickets have been handed out by provincial officers and partners, amounting to over $2.1 million.