Contemporary Christian artist, Israel Houghton and his wife, Adrienne Bailon Houghton are welcoming their first child after experiencing infertility for more than six years.

The baby boy, named Ever James, was brought into the world on Tuesday, August 16 via surrogate.

"Our baby boy is here & we are so in love!" says Adrienne Houghton in an Instagram post. "if you have followed our love know that our journey to baby has been very challenging - But God is true to His word and His promises. We have quietly prayed while sitting on this most magnificent secret for the last 9 months."

The two got married in 2016 and have been trying for children since the early years of their marriage. In an episode of her talk show, Bailon shared her thoughts on her struggles with getting pregnant.

"We should be sensitive to the fact that everybody doesn't get pregnant right away and I think for myself I thought it would happen so easily for me and it just hasn't happened that way. I have had to come to peace with it that it'll happen when it's God's timing and I believe in that and I have faith in all of that but it can be really discouraging and it can be really frustrating." 

Bailon has already been a mother figure for Houghton's four kids which he had from previous relationships, Mariah, Jordan, Milan, and Israel. Nevertheless, the couple is excited about the next step of their adventure together.

"He is worth every tear, every disappointment, every delayed prayer, every IVF cycle, every miscarriage. Everything. All we feel is joy and overwhelming love and gratitude. Grateful to God, to our angel surrogate and to all of our friends and family who have stood with us for over 5 years on this journey. He's here and we have never been happier to lose sleep."