Five Kenyan churches were destroyed by fires last month.

The incident, which occurred in the town of Otamba, Kisii County, has caused concern among community members, Voice of the Martyrs reports.

10 arrests have been made in connection to the incident but the motive behind the attacks remains unknown.

St. Monica's Church was burned in the early morning of Jan. 21. The Worldwide Church, Nyang'eni Seventh Day Adventist Church, Legario Maria Church and Otamba Pentecostal Church were also burned in the coming days.

Those responsible for the fires are believed to have thrown human feces at the burning buildings.

"Evil should not overcome the good that the Gospel of Christ brings," says the pastor of Legio Maria church in response to the arsons.

Church members in the community have been fearful of their homes and families next being targeted.

The affected congregations are facing significant financial losses and the structures and contents of each building suffered extensive damage.

Church leaders have called for increased security to watch over the community.

Kenya is the 49th country listed on Open Doors USA's World Watch List.