Mark Warawa, A member of the Conservative Party of Canada, asks for a miracle as he is awaiting tests for pancreatic cancer.

Conservative Member of Parliament, Mark Warawa says in his Facebook post that he is very sick and in need of prayer and a miracle.

Warawa says if the cancer is just in the pancreas he is on track for surgery and chemotherapy over the next six months. However, if the cancer has spread, "there isn't anything medically to do and life could be short."

Warawa asked that people come to the Facebook post for updates as it is not possible for his wife Diane Warawa to answer every message as he needs her in his loving arms.

This post has received lots of comments coming from supporters praying for a miracle in Warawa's health. Mel Arnold and Jason Kenney other Canadian MP's and politicians also comment saying they were praying for him and his family.

Warawa also says in his post, "We have our total trust in God Yes there has been lots of tears, but the God who created us has healed me and saved my life before. Most important is I know God loves me and wants me to trust Him. I do!"