With traffic set to be higher than normal over the long weekend, MPI is asking drivers to use a bit of extra caution.

Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) has put out a call to action for drivers, asking that those behind the wheel pay a little extra attention to road safety this Easter.

MPI states, on average, one person is killed on a Manitoba public roadway over the Easter long weekend, while another 67 people are typically injured in collisions.

They ask citizens to follow these safety tips:

  •  Don’t drive impaired. Both drugs and alcohol can affect a person’s ability to drive. On average, 25 people in Manitoba are killed yearly due to impaired driving.
  •  Buckle up. A person is nearly 50 times more likely to be killed, and four times more likely to be seriously injured, when not wearing a seatbelt.
  •  Don’t text and drive. On average, 28 people are killed yearly in Manitoba in a distracted driving collision.
  •  Speed kills. On average, 20 people are killed yearly in Manitoba in a speed-related collision.