You may be getting another cheque from MPI in the mail within the next week or two.

Manitoba Public Insurance is distributing an additional $253,000 amongst 9,600 policy holders to correct a mistake in their COVID-19 rebate program.

A few months ago, MPI announced they would be returning roughly 11 per cent of each customer’s total policy cost for the previous year.

Spokesperson Brian Smiley says the rebate was made possible because of the company’s healthy finances as well as a significant decrease in the number of collisions that occurred at the height of the pandemic, between March and April. However, as Smiley explains, it seems they got some of those numbers wrong.

“We’d received several calls from our customers questioning the amount of their original rebate. We looked into that and we quickly discovered that there were irregularities with our system related to the collection and elimination of data.”

Smiley says MPI has corrected the data and expects this second wave of rebates will satisfy customers who did not initially receive the amount they were entitled to. He notes a small number of customers who were not initially eligible for the payout but are now above the $10 threshold will also receive a rebate cheque.

The cheques have already been sent out and should be arriving in the mail shortly.