If you're living outside the city and don't have regular access to driver's license testing, mobile testing may soon be returning to your community.

"This is for communities that do not have a regular MPI service centre in their community," says Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) spokesperson Brian Smiley.

"MPI will send a driver examiner to what we call a mobile testing community where we will do road tests for our customers."

He explains the program was suspended for COVID but they're now opening up their business again where the mobile driving testing services are and have resumed as of Monday.

Smiley notes customers who are willing to book a road test can do it either online or over the phone by contacting their Autopac agent or MPI service centre.

"It's all bookings," adds Smiley. "The driver examiner will go into the community when we have sufficient number of bookings. The testing is done obviously within the community. Knowledge tests are done in a rented facility. And for the customers, they book the tests, and the examiner will go in when we have the number of test appointments required."